Minecraft costumes are an excellent easy idea for Halloween and other dress up party nights. Especially for the Minecraft fans who want to represent their favorite video game. For anyone who is a huge fan of Minecraft, then picking up some Minecraft Costumes can be the perfect way to get something new and unique for dress-up parties instead of going with superheroes, a witch or a zombie!

Minecraft Halloween Costume

Minecraft Steve Costume

It doesn’t take much to be Minecraft Steve. Once you have chosen one of the Minecraft Steve masks you are 90% of the way there. Next you are looking for a light greet shirt and some blue jeans! A few costume accessories will really finish off the look. You may opt for a Minecraft sword or pixelated foam axe.

Minecraft Creeper Costume

A Minecraft Creeper is a green aggressive monster in the video game. This makes it an ideal costume for Halloween they also come in mobs, making them a great group costume idea! To get the look you will need a Creeper mask, and a green suit. Creepers in the game are very pixelated; you can create this look with cardboard boxes.

Enderman Costume

Endermen are scary creatures in the game – they are black, tall with long creepy arms and creepy eyes. An Enderman costume is easy to create with a black Enderman Mask and black suit.
These costumes are so easy to put together. You just need to look pixelated which can come easily through the use of cardboard boxes.

If you want to get in on the fun and take part in dressing up as the most enjoyable video game in so many years this is the best way to do just that. Getting into the spirit of Halloween or any kind of festival / event can be hard work if you are out of ideas and inspiration of how to make it fun, so changing it up this year and showing your geeky side with Minecraft can be just the solution that you need.

A bit of individuality never hurt anyone and with the help of some high-end Minecraft costumes that can be easier than ever before.